Every year our church focuses on a new theme. This year our theme is DISCIPLESHIP! As we begin a New Year, we would like to inspire you to refocus your whole life as a disciple of Christ. Often we think and behave as if discipleship is only a Sunday activity. The truth is discipleship involves our whole lives.

All our relationships and spheres of life we are involved in should be committed to discipleship. Imagine our impact if we were to take this seriously as a church.

 We realize, however, that this is not an easy task and we are hoping to inspire you week after week through our teachings, podcasts and blogs to live holistically as a disciple. One way we will be seeking to help you on the road to discipleship is by providing 50 lessons on what it means to follow Christ. These teachings will be tied to our daily reading plan which focuses on a year of exploring the New Testament. We pray that as we read together through the words of Jesus and his apostles we will learn what it means to truly be a Christ follower. We invite you to follow our blog, do the daily readings through this plan and join us weekly at church (or listen to our podcast) because discipleship matters.

May you have the best year ever as you refocus your life as a disciple of Jesus!