epistles-of-paulThe Apostle Paul
(vv 1-6)

One could argue no one has made a greater impact on Christianity than the apostle Paul. If this is true, then studying his letters is an essential exercise for all Christians. His letters contain the basic teachings of the Christian faith; what we believe and how we should live. Of all his letters, though, the letter to the Romans contains the essence of his teaching: his understanding of the gospel.
Paul’s Plan to Visit Rome
(vv 7-15)

From these verses, we learn of Paul’s desire to visit Rome. His whole purpose in making this trip was to preach the gospel among them. In preparation for his visit, he wrote them this letter. In other words, this was absolutely important for Paul.

Paul’s Gospel
(vv 16-17)

It has been observed that these verses serve as the purpose statement for the whole letter. In short, they provide the main point that Paul is interested in making in the rest of the letter. What is his main point? To provide his most systematic and clearest understanding of the Gospel!
Back to Basics
This month we will study the letter to the Romans, focusing on the essence of Christianity. Our aim will be to understand the basic doctrines every Christian should believe and how these teachings should transform our lives. For Paul, this is the gospel (or the good news) that we have received in Jesus Christ. I invite you to read the biblical passages and study this precious letter.